Carnegie Mellon University

US 2007 Benchmark Model - producer price

Contributed by:

US Environmental Protection Agency

Monetary unit:

2007 US dollars (US$)

Price index:

producer prices

Number of sectors:


Effects available:

  • greenhouse gases
  • energy
  • conventional air pollutants

Link to model documentation:

All of the other US-based EIO-LCA models available on this website were created by members of the Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. However, this model is posted with permission of the creators of US EPA's USEEIO model, who created the energy and environmental data.

The US EPA's USEEIO model is publicly available.  

Since many users of the EIO-LCA website are familiar with the various assumptions and methods used by the Green Design Institute to make the 1992 through 2002 US EIO-LCA models available on this site, a brief comparison document was created to help clarify differences with EPA's 2007 USEEIO model. This document, linked below, is not meant to suggest any method or set of assumptions are better - just noting how and why results may be different than you might expect.

Comparison of USEEIO to previous US EIO-LCA models

Supplemental Files mentioned in Comparison Report

Last update:

14 August 2018