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Development of the EIO-LCA method and on-line tool has been funded in part by the National Science Foundation (grants #9700568, #0328870 - yes, thats about 20 years ago!), the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Green Design Consortium.  The EIO-LCA on-line tool is hosted by the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center.


The EIO-LCA on-line tool has involved an evolving team of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University.  We also thank the many users who have contributed suggestions for improving the site.  In addition, numerous graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University and colleagues elsewhere have contributed by developing the various models that use the EIO-LCA method and are available for use with the on-line tool.

H. Scott Matthews CMU   Matt Legowski  Rob Ready 
Jim Garrett  Mark Sin  Jeff Knupp
Arpad Horvath  Jon Mayes  Vanessa Hodge
Chris Hendrickson  Harn Hua Ng  Amanda Rehr
Deanna Matthews  Kevin McCloskey  Joe O'Hallaron
Joe Marriott  Chris Weber  David Todd
Aurora Sharrard