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Links to Data and Methods Used on EIO-LCA

Following is a list of the current data files used in EIO-LCA to calculate economic, energy, and environmental effects for the sectors of the US economy. This data is posted for non-commercial use (e.g., for those of you interested in what the sectors with the largest impacts per dollar are) . Commercial and research-use licenses are available.

Note that this page is a companion to the "Data Updates" section of the EIO-LCA forums. The posts there contain other detail on the data, and keep running notices of changes that are made. These files are posted as a service to the LCA community and are considered "open source" - we welcome your thoughts and input about their contents, and if you think you see an error or oversight which can be corrected, please let us know.

Note that the data provided below is subject to terms of the Gnu Public License (GPL). Copyright (C) 2007 Carnegie Mellon University All Rights Reserved. Use of the EIO-LCA data and model is subject to the terms of the license set forth at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.

The following links are all for the 1997 Benchmark Model

In addition to the web version of the model, advanced users may find the following Matlab version of EIO-LCA valuable. It contains many of the economic, energy, and environmental data listed above (but may be slightly out of date). This is also a public service but is more of an internal tool for us to help verify the model is working correctly (and is not supported in the same way as the web model). Regardless if you have comments or questions please let us know.
  • EIO-LCA Matlab environment (requires installation of Matlab) - updated 4/4/2007

    The following links are for the 3 NETL models (for PA, WV, and PA+WV):

  • Older data (no longer used on site)