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Have questions about EIO-LCA?

Connect to the forum to communicate with Green Design researchers and other colleagues and the development team. Ask questions about the EIO-LCA method, how to use the on-line tool, or how results should be interpreted.  Post your papers that use EIO-LCA results.  

Please note, although registration is not required to read forum messages, it is required to create posts.  A registration authorization code is needed to complete your registration.  The authorization code is eiolca12 and is also located in the description of the Data Updates forum (the first forum in the list).  Once you register, it may take a day or so to get your account activated.  If you do not get notice of account activation, please let us know.

The forum includes user posts and developer responses to commonly asked questions about the EIO-LCA method, the data used, assumptions, and interpreting results.  If your question doesn't fit a forum category, you can also contact us directly by sending email to Scott Matthews CMU (