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Applying EIO-LCA to common household goods
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Author:  nitagoyal [ Fri Feb 02, 2007 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Applying EIO-LCA to common household goods

We are planning to apply EIO-LCA on our website to compute the GHG emissions for common household stuff.

The website is SocialWay (http://www.socialway.com ) and it is a website to make it easy for people to share stuff. Sharing is lending/borrowing or giving/receiving. Stuff can be anything, but will commonly be books, movies, music, games, toys, clothes, tools, furniture etc. On this website, we want to display the GHG emissions saved by the activity of each and every person so that people can personally and directly relate to the benefits of sharing rather than buying.

I will have many questions as we build the model. The first one is regarding books. I assume that the right sector for computing GHG emission for a book bought by a consumer is 511130 Book Publishers, and NOT 323117 Books Printing ? GWP for $1M is 327mtco2e for 511130 and 717 for 323117.

My confusion arises from the EIO-LCA book. In Table 9-4, for the sector Book Publishing, the GHG emissions for Book production is quoted as 700 mtco2e (this is in the chapter on e-commerce). Where does that figure come from? Which is the right sector for me to use?


SocialWay: Share and save, the eco-friendly way

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