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GHG emission from food vendors
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Author:  garavillalba [ Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  GHG emission from food vendors

Hello, it's my first time with EIO/LCA tool, and I am trying to do a simple exercise- I would like to make sure I am doing it right and making the right interpretations. I would like to know the life cycle GHG emissions associated to the food consumption in a national park that is serviced by various food vendors. These vendors have provided me with both total sales $$ (say 50 million$) and total cost $$ (say 10 million$). I have selected the sector "food services and drinking places". I put down 50 million$ because I want it to be "purchases prices". I choose GHG gases and run the model. My result is 29000 total t CO2e. My questions are: are my inputting the data correctly? am I interpreting the results correctly by saying that 29000 tons of CO2e were the life cycle emissions due to the sale of 50million$ worth of food&beverage? Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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