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EIO-LCA Licensing Agreement Information

The EIO-LCA model as developed at Carnegie Mellon University has become a widely used tool in helping organizations and individuals better understand the life cycle and supply chain impacts of production and consumption.  EIO-LCA links economic data on supply chain purchases with information on energy and other environmental factors to estimate implications of production from various industry sectors.  Various EIO-LCA models for the US and other regions and countries are available at  To date, more than one million uses of the EIO-LCA web models have occurred, making them a widely used resource.

Of particular interest is the 2002 United States EIO-LCA model, the latest benchmark model available with public data.  In this model the latest energy and emissions information is combined with the supply chain economic data to give updated assessments of products and services to support environmental life cycle assessments and carbon footprinting studies.  The 2002 model with its underlying data represents several person-years of effort in creating underlying estimates of energy use and emissions for all of the industry sectors and in adapting this information for use on the Internet in the 2002 EIO-LCA web model.


The use of the 2002 EIO-LCA model and its database is available via a license from Carnegie Mellon University.  We are offering two different types of licenses depending on your intended use as summarized below.    


  1. Non-commercial web + data access license: This license allows a user access to the 2002 EIO-LCA web model and to obtain a royalty-free seat license for the web model, underlying data and workfiles used to create the 2002 EIO-LCA web model in spreadsheet and/or Matlab form, for internal research and educational purposes.  This license also allows that individual to provide access to the 2002 EIO-LCA web model and the underlying data and workfiles to his/her students if he or she is an educator.  This license does not allow the individual or their organization to use the 2002 EIO-LCA web model, or data and workfiles, or to make any derivatives thereof, to support the provision of consulting services, sponsored research or to communicate the underlying data and workfiles outside of their organization other than in academic publications. 
  2. Commercial-use web + data license: This license allows an entity or individual to use the 2002 EIO-LCA web model and/or underlying data and workfiles and derivatives thereof, to support the provision of consulting services, to conduct sponsored research, and/or to communicate the results of use of the EIO-LCA web model and the underlying data and workfiles outside of your organization through means other than in academic publications.    An annual licensing fee of $10,000 is required to be paid for this license, which you should include in your sponsored research proposals as appropriate.  Please e-mail Fadwa Bouachrine Brady (fbrady "at" to inquire about purchasing a license or to discuss changes in terms.  While funded research projects have in the past supported some of the development of the data or models, the EIO-LCA website is not a funded project.  License fees support future extensions and developments of the model as well as ongoing web development.