Step 2: Select industry and sector

The next step is to select an industry sector to analyze. For the 2002 model, industry sectors divide the economy into 428 divisions grouping businesses that produce similar goods or services, or that use similar processes. Other model years divide the economy into a different number of sectors according to changes in standards. Next, we need to find the industry sector that produces the output we want to analyze. So, for example, if we want to analyze the effects of automobiles, we need to find a sector related to manufacturing automobiles.

To select a sector, you first select an industry group, then an industry sector. In the left panel of the sector browser below is the list of major industry groups. The industry groups represent sets of 20-30 industry sectors to make searching easier. The first group is "Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, and Fisheries", which if you click on it shows sectors that likely produce food and wood, but not automobiles. Back to our example, look down the group list for a major industry group that might contain a sector which produces automobiles. Use the scroll bar on the right of the first panel to see the groups at the bottom of the list. A good choice is probably the "Vehicles and transportation equipment" group. Click on that one, and once you have brought up a list in the industry sector list, click the "Go to Next Page" link below.

Industry Group List

Industry Sectors


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