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EIO-LCA:  Tutorial

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter data into the EIO-LCA model, the processes involves, as well as how to navigate and interpret the results. A written tutorial is available to follow step by step instructions along with notes and tips, or you can watch the tutorial screencasts for a hands on approach to the website.

Follow the written tutorial

Watch the Screencasts

A Matlab version of the 1997 US detailed model has been posted.  Matlab version of 2002 model coming soon.

Data on water use and emissions of toxic substances have been added to the US 2002 model (see forum for issue with water data results if accessed between February and March 2010).

An EIO-LCA model of the 2002 US economy is available on the Use The Model page for non-commercial use. Contact us for details on commercial use licenses.

See the Models page for more information.