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TRI 1997 data update thread (including data files)
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Author:  hscottm [ Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  TRI 1997 data update thread (including data files)


We made a very slight edit to the TRI emissions for the power generation sector, and wanted to describe the change.

Without going in to a long, detailed discussion, there are 3 sectors that make electricity in the US economy and in the model: the power generation and supply sector, the federal electric utilities sector (like TVA), and the state/local electric utilites sector.

However, it turns out that all of these facilities nonetheless report to the same NAICS code - used by the main power generation sector. Also, no sectors actually get electricity from any sector other than the main power generation sector. Since realizing this, we have adjusted the TRI emissions factors for the main power generation sector by considering that all of the electricity basically comes from that sector.

The output of the main power sector is $213 billion. Federal utilities are $8.3 billion, and state/local are $22 billion, for a new grand total of $243 billion. As you can see, the original power sector alone is 87% of the total. All of the previous TRI emissions factors for power generation sector have been decreased by a factor of 0.87 - i.e., reduced by 13%.

This is the only change.

The net effect of this is that using the model now yields 13% less TRI emissions from power generation, which is a fairly small result.

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