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Green Design Institute references
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Author:  dh5x [ Fri Sep 16, 2005 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Green Design Institute references

We'll start out this forum by listing the research completed by the Green Design Institute (GDI) in developing the EIOLCA.net site. Additional research on LCA and other topics can be found on the GDI website.

* "Economic Input-Output Models for Environmental Life Cycle Assessment," Chris T. Hendrickson, Arpad Horvath, Satish Joshi and Lester B. Lave, Environmental Science & Technology, pp. 184A-191A, April 1998.

* "Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies Sector: Life Cycle Assessment Using Economic Input-Output Analysis," Elisa Cobas-Flores, Lester B. Lave, Chris T. Hendrickson, and Francis C. McMichael, paper # 980475, 1998 SAE Congress, Detroit, MI, February 1998.

* "A Software Tool for Economic Input-Output-Life-Cycle Assessment," Octavio J. Espinosa, James H. Garrett and Chris T. Hendrickson, 1997 ASME Symposium on Life Cycle Engineering, Dallas, TX, November 1997.

* "Comparing Two Life Cycle Assessment Approaches: A Process Model- vs. Economic Input-Output-Based Approach," Chris T. Hendrickson, Arpad Horvath, Satish Joshi, Markus Klausner, Lester B. Lave and Francis C. McMichael, 1997 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment, San Francisco, CA, May 1997.

* "Life Cycle Inventory Combining Input-Output Techniques and Conventional Process Models - A Case Study of a Fuel-Injection System," Markus Klausner, Wolfgang Grimm and Arpad Horvath, 1999 SAE Conference & Exposition, Detroit, MI, 1999.

* "Environmental Input-Output Life Cycle Analysis: A Summary of Results Including a Comparison with the SETAC Approach," Lester B. Lave, Satish Joshi, Heather MacLean, Arpad Horvath, Chris T. Hendrickson and Francis C. McMichael, Proceedings of the 1998 SAE Total Life Cycle Conference, Graz, Austria, December 1998.

* "Economic Input/Output Analysis to Aid Life Cycle Assessment of Electronics Products" , Elisa Cobas, Chris Hendrickson, Lester Lave and Francis McMichael, 1995 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment, Orlando, FL, May 1995.

* H. Scott Matthews, Chris T. Hendrickson, Hui Min Chong, and Woon Sien Loh, "Energy Impacts of Wired and Wireless Networks," Inl. Symp. On Electronics and the Environment, IEEE, 2002

Author:  Albern [ Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Green Design Institute references

I love to connect with this project just for the sack of information about it it sounds very interesting.

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